**Welcome to Food by Mars! Simply put, this blog is a compilation of plant-based, seasonal recipes, wellness tips & tricks to make your healthy lifestyle as easy as it is delicious. **


"Let food by thy medicine", sound familiar? This quote by Hippocrates became an important part of my life years ago when I really saw it for myself. My journey of cooking healthy dishes, experimenting with new seasonal flavors and learning how to listen to my body has led to some incredible things - a new lease on living more mindfully, slowing down to 'smell the roses' and cooking with a new appreciation and passion for how I feed myself, my family, friends and readers. While this blog started out as my creative outlet to document my recipes and share them with everyone, it has since matured; just as I have. 

Blogging about my recipes and tips not only keeps me honest, but it's a way for me to give-back and hopefully to inspire my readers to play with healthy home cooking and to feel great about it in the process. 


Oh, a little of this and that! Firstly, I'm a "foodie" through and through... living in NYC means amazing restaurants and options ALL. THE. TIME. When I travel, eating food with locals is my favorite way to learn about a place. Bringing people together over a good meal is the best, whether I'm at a restaurant or the one cooking in the kitchen. That being said, I know my limits. And I'm also known for taking a traditional recipe and fitting it to my own selfishly healthy needs :)

Overall, I've found that staying away from processed foods, keeping things simple with an emphasis on seasonal produce, having very little sugar, and beginning with a plant-based focus and working outward from there... goes a long way and is much easier than being on a strict diet that ultimately isn't built for me. Through experimenting and documenting with a food journal, I've found what works well for me, what causes me harm, and how much of each I can take. One saying I do love is "the poison is in the dose" which is why saying "everything in moderation", while sometimes vague is quite true. But finding that moderation that is individual to you -- is key. That's the constant assignment! I would recommend finding ways to experiment to see what types of food make YOU thrive, rather than allowing all the information out there and all the diet fads take you over. Listening to our own body is the best tool you can use.


Food by Mars represents a few things... my last name is Marras, an old Greek surname from my darling husband. It became a "thing" for us to use "mars" as an alias for usernames or go-bys. It's also prevalent in the zodiac, which has always been of interest to me and I like to have fun with here and there on the blog :)

So, boom: Food by Mars.


I hope you'll read along, try some recipes and tips to apply to your own journey while having fun along the way!!

Thanks for visiting. XO.

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