Perfect Paleo Pancakes (+ my NO syrup hack!)

This recipe yields: fluffy, chewy and light pancakes which can be tough to accomplish in a grain-free ingredient list. The marriage of tigernut flour + almond meal and beaten egg whites are to thank! Topped with only nut or seed butter and fresh or frozen berries which means no added sugar or syrup at all, A.K.A: you win breakfast.

Slow Cooker Bone Broth

Let's talk bone broth. Is this just another health or food trend? NO! This is here to stay and I'm so happy it is. This is an old old old remedy, there's really nothing new about it. If your Grandmother used to make you broth or chicken soup when you were sick - you know what I'm talking about. The benefits are truly amazing and if it's one new thing you try, I'm going to have to say this should be it unless you're a vegetarian.